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Atmospheric Pressure Storage Tank

Today we Bottom Loading Arm Wholesaler come to summarize Atmospheric Pressure Storage Tank.

a. According to the pressure:
Atmospheric pressure storage tank: When the gas pressure side pressure of the storage tank is the same as or lower than 1/3 atmosphere (table), it is called atmospheric pressure storage tank.

Low-pressure storage tank: When it is more than 1/3 atmosphere (table) and less than 0.1MPa, it is called low-pressure storage tank.

It can be seen that the working pressure of the low-pressure storage tank is greater than that of the normal pressure storage tank, but the pressure is less than 0.1 MPa.

b. According to the manufacturing materials: non-metallic storage tanks, plastic shock-proof storage tanks, soft storage tanks, metal storage tanks (steel casing lining, aluminum, and alloys, etc.).

c. According to the geometric shape:
Vertical cylindrical storage tank: according to its tank top structure, it can be divided into fixed top storage tanks (cone top storage tank, vault storage tank, umbrella top storage tank, reticulated top storage tank (spherical reticulated shell), drop shape Tanks and movable top tanks (outer floating roof tanks, inner floating roof tanks without torque tanks).

Horizontal cylindrical storage tank: suitable for liquids with small storage capacity and high pressure.

Spherical storage tank: suitable for liquids with certain storage capacity, such as liquid ammonia, liquefied petroleum gas, ethylene, etc.

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