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China’s Oil Wells Have Achieved Leapfrog Development In Seismic Equipment

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On March 20th, the reporter learned from the uDAS Distributed Optical Fiber Sensing Seismograph Scientific and Technological Achievements Appraisal Meeting that the as distributed optical fiber sensor seismograph jointly developed by Oriental Geophysical and Electronic Science and Technology University was identified by the group company and marked the geophysical well in China. Technology – The fiber-optic “card neck” technology in the well has achieved leap-forward development and enhanced the core capabilities of China’s seismic exploration equipment and technology.

With the exploration and development of oil and gas fields entering the deep stage, the development of earthquakes with the purpose of improving oil recovery has attracted more and more attention from the industry. In recent years, DAS technology has been strongly influenced by its advantages such as temperature resistance, low cost, high density, and convenient construction on the international stage such as SEG Annual Meeting. It has become a key technology for the development of residual oil and gas distribution and injection relationship between wells. However, this key technology is in the hands of foreign companies. In order to break through this bottleneck and break the monopoly of foreign technology, Oriental Geophysical and the University of Electronic Science and Technology have joined forces to launch the ultra-sensitive uDAS 2.0 system through two years of continuous research. This system has obtained a number of patents and certifications, which has effectively promoted the development of geophysical technology innovation in China.

After a rigorous review, inquiry, and discussion, the appraisal committee agreed that the“uDAS Distributed Optical Fiber Sensing Seismograph”project has advanced technology and strong innovation, and has achieved breakthroughs in a number of key technologies, filling the domestic technology gap and reaching the international level. Leading level.

Up to now, uDAS has completed more than 20 field tests in many oil and gas fields such as Jidong, Southwest, Dagang and North China, and achieved good results. According to experts, the successful development of the uDAS distributed optical sensing seismograph will accelerate the upgrading of the seismic business in the oilfield, and truly push the earthquake to reservoir development, providing more detailed depth, frequency, and structural details. Service, open a new chapter in the “high-precision imaging in the well, multi-well well-ground mining” reservoir fine-grained.

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