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How To Change The Crane Tube Rotary Joint?

Today we Loading Arm Manufacturer come to summarize How to change the crane tube rotary joint.

Before connecting the crane pipe to the rotating joint of the crane pipe, please vertically connect the shaft keyway of the crane pipe with the tightening bolt, then screw the mounting bolts of the other two diagonal positions, and finally tighten the four mounting bolts one by one. The use of the crane tube rotary joint can maintain a high level of product quality and improve production efficiency.

Crane pipe joints:
Maximum speed: 10RPM
Maximum temperature: 200 ° C
Maximum pressure: 5.0MPa

Applicable medium: air, oxygen, hydrogen, water
a. Collision and drop should be avoided during the handling and storage of the rotating joint of the crane tube to avoid damage to the interface and internal parts.

b. Install the machine as much as possible to ensure the good operation of the rotating joint of the crane.

c. Threaded rotary joints should be installed. Note that the threads of the inner and outer tubes correspond to the direction of rotation of the drum, and the threaded directions of the inner and outer tubes should also be the same.

d. The inlet and outlet of the rotary joint are connected directly to the pipeline as much as possible. To reduce the joint weight and extend the service life.

e. Assembly of the inner tube, pay attention to the matching of the dimensions and the auxiliary support of the weight.

f. The support and rotation of the rotary joint should be appropriate. Generally, the diameter of the rod should be 2mm smaller than the rotation stop hole, so as not to affect the free adjustment and compensation of the rotary joint.

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