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Eccentric Hemisphere Valve Good Self-sealing Safety Use Inspection Process

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Eccentric hemispherical valve manufacturers have good self-sealing: due to the use of eccentric crankshaft, the valve has a good self-sealing. Due to the eccentricity, when the valve is closed, the pressure F of the water in the valve causes the spherical cap to have a counterclockwise moment about the axis of the crankshaft so that the spherical cap is tightly pressed against the valve seat. The greater the water pressure, the greater the closing force. That is, it has good self-sealing.
The eccentric principle of the eccentric hemispheric valve manufacturer is as follows: the eccentric crankshaft is used so that the center line of the spherical cap is offset from the centerline of the valve flow passage by an eccentricity. When the valve is opened, the crankshaft rotates through a small angle, the spherical crown will leave the valve seat, and the spherical cap and the valve seat are no longer in contact; otherwise, during the closing process of the valve, only the closing moment, the spherical crown and the valve seat contact. This construction provides adequate protection of the crown and seat, minimizing wear and extending valve life.

The process of storage, installation, use, and inspection of eccentric hemispherical valve manufacturers:

  1. eccentric hemisphere valve manufacturers to keep
    a. The eccentric hemispherical valve manufacturer shall keep it in a dry, ventilated room, place it neatly, and the valve stem shall not be stressed.
    b. During storage of the eccentric hemispherical valve manufacturer, the stem and machined surface are coated with a rust preventive that is easy to remove.
    c. If the valve of the eccentric hemispherical valve manufacturer is stored for a long time, it should be inspected regularly to eliminate surface dirt and rust. The rustproof oil needs to be applied to the processing surface.
    d. Electric valves and pneumatic valves should be handled with care and kept dry to prevent contact with corrosive substances to avoid damage to electrical components and mechanical parts.
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