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Pre-work Inspection Of Loading Arm

Here is Loading Arm Exporter talking about pre-work inspection of the crane tube. If you have any idea about Marine Loading Arm, welcome to contact us and discuss.

For users familiar with Upper Loading Arm, it must be clear that there is a kind of crane tube.

Today, we will explain the pre-work inspection of the crane tube:

  1. The voltage is normal and does not exceed the rated voltage; the electrical switch and equipment grounding wire is normal.
  2. The fixed connection parts should be free of looseness;
  3. Lubricate the lubrication parts;
  4. Pull the pump shaft or pump coupling by hand, the impeller should have no grinding phenomenon and the rotation is flexible;
  5. Open the inlet valve, open the exhaust valve to fill the entire pump chamber with liquid, and close the exhaust valve;
  6. Jog the motor to determine if the steering is correct.
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