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Upper Loading Arm Manufacturers – What Are Classification Of Storage Tanks?

According to the environment: above ground storage tanks, semi-underground storage tanks, underground storage tanks, tank storage tanks, sea storage tanks.

  1. Above-ground storage tank: The bottom of the tank is located at the design elevation of ±0.00 and above; the bottom of the tank is below the design elevation of ±0.00 but does not exceed 1/2 of the height of the tank, also known as the above-ground tank.
  2. Semi-underground storage tank: It means that the storage tank is buried underground and 1/2 deeper than its height and the height of the tank’s liquid level does not exceed the design elevation of ±0.00 or more and 0.2m.
  3. Underground storage tank: refers to the oil tank with the liquid level in the tank at a design elevation of ±0.00 or less and 0.2m.
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