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What Are The Advantages Of Electric Heat Tracing Cranes?

Today we Marine Loading Arm Manufacturer come to summarize What are the advantages of electric heat tracing cranes.

It is not uncommon for the crane to be used for loading and unloading. There are two ways to load and unload the crane with a submersible pump. First, the submersible pump itself has two functions. When the oil is loaded, the submersible pump does not work and only serves as a passage; One way is to load the oil from the other end of the vertical pipe (equivalent to the tee) when loading the oil. This passage is sealed with a flange or a quick joint when the oil is removed. The submersible pump is generally used as a passage. As for piping, it is a matter for process engineers to consider. It should not be complicated.

Only three-way valves and valves (with different pumps) need to be installed.

There are many advantages as follows:

(1) The electric heat tracing crane device is simple, uniform in heating, accurate in temperature control, and can be remotely controlled, remotely controlled, and realized automatically.

(2) The heat has explosion-proof, all-weather performance, high reliability, and long service life.

(3) The electric heating heat pipe has no leakage and is beneficial to environmental protection.

(4) Saving steel: It does not require the one-to-one heating line required for the steam heating pipe.

(5) Saving insulation materials.

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