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What Are The Maintenance Precautions For The Loading Arm?

The Loading Arm, as the name suggests, is like the neck of a crane, and its shape is anti-U-shaped. The tube that can be telescopically moved is connected with the pipeline by a rotary joint with good sealing performance and flexible rotation. It is used for the transportation of liquid medium between the tank truck and the bridge storage and transportation pipeline and is mainly used for loading of liquid.

Pay attention to maintenance during the use of the crane to achieve better use and extend the service life of the crane.

Here is Loading Arm Manufacturer talking about it.

  1. The crane pipe shall not be put together with materials that are corrosive to the crane pipe such as acid, alkali, salt or cement. The bottom loading and unloading crane tube is installed on the ground, the closed loading truck, and the flange interface is perpendicular to the ground side. Different varieties should be stacked separately to prevent confusion and prevent contact corrosion.

2. In order to ensure the normal use of the crane pipe, the main moving parts such as the rotary joint and the spring cylinder should be regularly lubricated.

3. Regularly check if the fasteners are loose. If it is loose, please ban it in time. Replace swivel joints and seals every quarter.

4. Apply regular lubricant to the parts that need to be lubricated to reduce the wear and tear of the machine.

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