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What Are The Special Accessories For The Inner Floating Roof Tank?

Here is Bottom Loading Arm Wholesaler talking about What are the special accessories for the inner floating roof tank.

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  1. Floating tray pillar
    After the inner floating roof tank is used for a period of time, the floating roof needs to be repaired, and the oil tank needs to be cleaned. At this time, the floating roof needs to be lowered to a certain height from the bottom of the tank and is supported by a plurality of pillars on the floating plate.
  2. Anti-rotation steel rope
    In order to prevent the deformation of the oil tank wall, the rotation of the floating plate affects the smooth lifting, and two stainless steel cables are vertically tensioned between the tank top and the tank bottom of the inner floating roof tank, and the two steel ropes are symmetrically arranged at both ends of the floating roof diameter. The floating roof can only be lifted vertically under the restriction of the steel rope, thus preventing the floating disk from rotating.
  3. Vent hole
    Since the inner floating oil tank covers the oil surface, the oil and gas space is basically eliminated, so the evaporation loss is small, so there is no mechanical breathing valve and safety valve on the top of the tank.

However, in practice, the floating roof annular gap or other joint joints are still inevitable where there are oil and gas leakage. In order to prevent the accumulation of oil and gas to a dangerous degree, there are vent holes on the top of the tank and the tank wall.

  1. Automatic venting valve
    The automatic venting valve is located in the middle of the floating disc. It is designed to protect the floating disc from being in the supporting position. When the oil tank enters and exits the oil, it can normally breathe and prevent the lower part of the floating disc from being evacuated or pressed.
  2. Diffusion tube
    The diffuser tube is connected to the inlet pipe in the oil tank, the pipe diameter is twice that of the inlet pipe, and a plurality of small holes having a diameter of 2 mm are evenly drilled on both sides. It acts to reduce the flow rate when the tank is replenished and to protect the floating disc strut.

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